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I am attorney Kerenssa Perez and I founded my law firm, the Family Law Firm of K. Perez, APC, in 2018 so I could provide personalized, compassionate guidance for my clients. I know that every family law case is unique, just as every family is unique. I am here to help you find solutions for your specific situation. I help families in a wide variety of legal matters, including divorce, child custody, family law litigation, and estate planning matters involving the creation and management of trusts.

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Family Law

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I have worked on all types of family law and divorce cases, from high-conflict, contested divorces to low-conflict, uncontested divorces. I understand that this can be a difficult, even traumatic time, especially if your case involves domestic violence or contentious child custody issues. I will take care of the legal details so you can focus on moving forward.

I develop relationships with my clients that help me understand their needs and work to protect their best interests in and out of court. I work to provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions for yourself and your family.

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Navigating Divorce And Moving Forward In Life

Divorce marks the end of a marriage, but it also means the beginning of a new future. Getting to the other side may not be easy, but it is worth it. I work to ensure that you will have the resources you need, both financial and emotional, to thrive after your divorce.

I will work to protect your financial well-being in the process of dividing community property, including the determination of community vs. separate property. California is a community property state; I can help you protect your community property rights and your future financial well-being. I also enforce prenuptial and postnuptial agreements in divorce.

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“If you’re looking for a lawyer for family courts, I would say, search no more, Kerenssa is the one! You can count on her. Just by meeting her or even speaking to her you can see she has a passion for her job, and is dedicated.” — Omar

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Attorney Kerenssa P. Perez, Esquire

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