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If you are feeling unease or even dread about the thought of a child custody dispute, you are certainly not alone. Matters related to kids are often the most contentious and stressful issues in family law. To give yourself peace of mind, you will want to hire an attorney who has diverse legal experience and will work tirelessly to secure a brighter future for you and your children.

In San Diego and Riverside counties, look no further than the Family Law Firm of K. Perez, APC. I am attorney Kerenssa Perez, and throughout my years in practice, I have helped clients with child custody matters in high-conflict and low-conflict divorce, as well as modifications of child custody agreements after divorce. I love working to help children, and I love helping parents create parenting plans that work for everyone involved.

The Basics Of Custody In California

There are two types of custody that a court will award. Physical custody is the allocation of time that each parent will spend with the child and where the child will live. Legal custody refers to each parent’s authority to make decisions on the child’s behalf, particularly regarding important issues like education, medical care, religious practices and more.

Both types of custody can be shared equally between the two parents (known as joint custody), shared unequally or granted to only one parent (known as sole custody). As in most other states, judges in California must make custody decisions in the best interests of the children. In many cases, but not all, courts determine that children are best served when both parents continue to be an active presence in their lives.

The allocation of time and decision-making authority are formalized in what’s known as a parenting plan. I will work closely with you to help you create or negotiate a parenting plan that meets your children’s needs and protects your relationship with them.

A Proven Advocate For Young People, In And Out Of The Courtroom

My experience as an advocate for children includes being appointed by the court as minors counsel. In these cases, the court appoints an attorney to represent the child and help the court make a decision that respects the child’s wishes while also doing what is best for the child. Minors counsel cases often involve matters of abuse and domestic violence that must be addressed.

To be appointed by the court as minors counsel, an attorney must have at least five years of experience in contested family law trials, as well as participate in yearly trainings. In minors counsel cases, I often work with many people involved in the child’s life, including therapists, teachers and the parents.

These can be difficult cases, but I find them very satisfying because I get to meet children of all ages and from all walks of life, and I get to help them in a very direct way, representing them before the court. I am just as passionate about advocating for kids in custody matters even though I am representing a parent, not the children directly.

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